Fort Lauderdale, Florida Whole House Water Filtration System

If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale, Florida whole house water filtration system, Allini Water Filters offers a patented single-tank water filter which removes chemicals from your water right where it enters your home. This means you don’t need to worry about putting individual filters on each sink in your home or treating water each time you drink or use it. With a whole house water filtration system in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you catch contaminants right before they enter your home. This not only protects your family from drinking or bathing in potentially contaminated water, but also protects your pipes and home from the impact of chemically laden water.

Allini Water Filters offers a Fort Lauderdale, Florida whole house water filtration system that is truly different from what other companies offer. Water quality can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and the kinds of water treatment you’ll need will depend largely on where you live.

When it comes to caring for your family, Allini Water Filters doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach. We personalize your whole house water filtration system to meet the challenges and contaminants found in the water in your area. This means we can often offer you more economical single-tank systems, whenever possible, and more efficiently tackle your water quality needs. With a customized and personalized whole house water filtration system we can save you labor and installation costs and offer you a whole house water filtration system in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that is right for your home’s size and water filtration needs. Customized is better because it means you only use the energy and materials you need. Best of all, Allini Water Filters uses no chemicals to clean your water. We use nine different types of organic and bio-ceramic materials that treat your water, naturally. Finally, we use patented Water Balance Technology that softens water by changing the structure of minerals and contaminants.

Contact Allini Water Filters today for an evaluation of your home and local water quality so that we can discuss the next steps in installing a whole house water filtration system in your Fort Lauderdale, Florida home. When it comes to healthy water, Allini Water Filters offers patented technology that softens water, increases your water’s alkalinity, and changes the actual ionic structure of your home’s water so that it is clean and healthy—as nature intended.

Why Choose a Personalized Whole Home Water Filtration System in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

When you choose a personalized water filtration system for your home, you save money, materials, and cost. Different homes in Florida receive water from different sources. According to the Florida Department of Health, 80% of Florida residents get their water from ground water wells. The quality of ground water wells in Florida will depend largely on where you live. The Florida Department of Health notes that ground water wells can get contaminated by bacteria, pesticides, gasoline, and toxic wastes. If you live near an area where livestock graze, where wells are poorly constructed, or where septic systems are poorly maintained, bacteria can get into your water. Leaking gas tanks, pesticide use, landfill waste, and other pollutants can also get into the groundwater, contaminating it. 20% of Florida residents get their water from private wells or smaller limited-use public wells. Private wells may not be as robustly tested as public groundwater, and a wider range of contaminants have been found in these wells, including radioactive materials, toxic substances, and other pathogens.

In Florida, the most common water contaminants are nitrates, bacteria, and lead, but other chemicals including ethylene dibromide (or EDB), tetrachlorethylene (or PCE), and temik have also been found in Florida’s water systems. These chemicals and impurities can have serious health consequences to people who drink or bathe in this water. Here are some risks:

  • Nitrates: Children under three months are especially vulnerable to high nitrate levels. When babies are exposed to high levels of nitrates they can develop a kind of anemia known as “blue baby syndrome” where the baby’s oxygen levels drop dangerously low. Nitrates also pose a risk to adults and have been known to be a factor in cancer risk.
  • Pathogens in water can cause diarrhea or sickness.
  • Drinking water can be contaminated with lead if lead pipes are used to deliver water to your home or if there are lead pipes in your home. Lead is particularly dangerous to young children and high levels of lead can lead to disease of the nervous system, or brain and kidney damage.
  • Ethylene dibromide has been found in the water in areas where citrus grows. It is used as a pesticide for tree crops, but has serious health risks for humans. This chemical is a probable carcinogen, can affect male and female fertility, can damage the lungs if inhaled, and can cause liver or kidney damage.
  • This chemical is a byproduct of industry, cleaning solvents, and laundromats, and has been found in Florida water. PCE has been shown to increase the risk of liver cancer, kidney cancer, and leukemia in laboratory tests. Workers who have been exposed to this chemical have been found to have higher rates of liver and kidney damage. Pregnant women can also be at high risk if exposed to this chemical.
  • This highly toxic pesticide is used by citrus farmers. It can be rapidly absorbed by the body, and in sufficient levels can be deadly to humans and animals.

Different areas have different water impurity problems, and different types of chemicals or pathogens may be present. Allini Water Filters is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida whole home water filtration company that will first take steps to understand your home’s unique water contamination risks. Then, we take the time to find a house water filter solution that works for you. Contact our Fort Lauderdale, Florida house water filter company today. We work closely with each client to help them find the water filtration system that meets their needs.

Get a House Water Filter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 If you are thinking of installing a house water filter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, contact Allini Water Filters today. Our water filters are different. We custom-build the water filter used in your home to address your home’s unique water filtration needs. Custom doesn’t have to be more expensive. If you were thinking of getting a multi-tank system, a custom filter might be able to address your needs with just one tank, which means lower installation costs and less energy and materials used. Our filters don’t require maintenance and don’t have expensive and wasteful filters that need to be replaced. Allini Water Filters uses a filtration system involving nine organic and bio ceramic materials, unlike other water filtration systems that use only four. Our house water filters also ensure you’ll never have hard water again, thanks to our Water Balance Technology system that changes the structure of minerals in your water. Finally, our whole house water filtration systems naturally raise the alkalinity of your water, making your water more hydrating for every cell of your body.

Contact Allini Water Filters today. We’ll test your water and find a whole house water filtration system in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that works for you. Clean and healthy water is just a phone call away. For