Matrix Pharmaceutical and Fluoride Water Removal
Matrix Pharmaceutical and Fluoride Water Removal
Matrix Pharmaceutical and Fluoride Water Removal

Matrix Pharmaceutical and Fluoride Water Removal

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Our unique technology with our new Allini Matrix creates many new application opportunities across the entire spectrum of ultra filtration. The Matrix removes a wide range of submicron pathogens and pharmaceuticals with naturally occurring electropositive charge.

The Matrix accomplishes ultra filtration without the use of mechanical pores. It has a small fraction of the pressure drop and many times the flow rate, compared to ultra filtration membranes with similar efficiency.

The Matrix also has zero wastewater. With the efficiency of ultra filtration membranes and the pressure drop, this is considered as an alternative for membranes in many residential and commercial applications.

With the Matrix filter, membrane bio foulants like organic acids, bacteria, and cellular debris will be removed. It’s an effective pre-filter for protecting reverse osmosis membranes from biofouling.

Allini Matrix reduces uf membrane biofouling and extends the life of RO membranes by increasing the time between clean-in-place treatment and reducing the volume of reject water. These include point-of-entry and point-of-use devices such as whole house filters, countertop filters, under-counter filters, water dispensers, ice machines, and food and beverage preparation.


 What we filter: 

  • Microplastics
  • Viruses (Polio, Rotavirus, etc)
  • Bacterias ( Ecoli, Legionellia, Pseudomonas, etc)
  • Cysts
  • Humic Acid
  • Bromine (carbon)
  • Chlorine* (carbon)
  • Iodine (carbon)
  • Lead 6.5 and 8.5 pH*
  • Ortho-phosphate
  • PCBs, BPA
  • Penicillin G, Fluemenquine
  • Polysaccharides
  • Arsenic V 6.5 pH*
  • Ferric iron +++
  • Chromium V


Allini Matrix Submircon FIltration

  • Arsenic 6.5 pH*
  • Arsenic 8.5 pH*
  • Bromine (white)
  • Ferrous iron ++*
  • Thriatomethanes
  • Chloramine*
  • VOC*
  • We Ship Nationwide. Estimated Delivery:Jun 11 - Jun 15

  • Installation not included: Please contact a local expert to install

Matrix Pharmaceutical and Fluoride Water Removal

Matrix Pharmaceutical and Fluoride Water Removal

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custom install water filter

All Allini water filtration systems are custom made to purify the water in your home, resulting in the best results on the market.


no maintenance water filter

Our water filters require little to no maintenance once installed.


organic chemical free water filter

With over 9 different organic and bio-ceramic medias, we clean your water without the use of chemicals.


Purify water of harmful contaminants while changing the structure of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.Learn More


Our clients trust our technology and team to deliver the highest level of service.

Allini Customer Reviews

The purchase of an Allini whole house water filter was one of the best decisions I made for my family in years! Not only do we have clean drinking water directly from the faucet, therefore eliminating the need to buy plastic water bottles, but now my hair and skin have never looked better!! Something about my water now is very healthy and healing for the hair and body.

Lauren Anderson

My wife and I wanted healthy water in our new home. Jamie and his team did an outstanding job in guiding us to the best system. The service was outstanding. Jamie addressed all of our questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. The system is maintenance free and performs as advertised. I highly recommend Allini Water Filters.

Vince Pasqualicchio

I had my system put in over a year ago and loved it. i recently had one of the controllers stop working. Allini came out and replaced it and even added some extra plumbing to make it easier for me to shut off when i go on vacation. They have been great from start to finish as well as continuing to help me with any questions i have. Would use them again for sure.

Sattya Sukhu

Moved to Coconut Creek Ranches about a month ago. The water here is orange and has a funky taste to it. I called several water filter services and decided to go with Allini for several reasons one being the education he provided.

Our water is now crystal clear, the orange is gone and the taste of the water is incredibly crisp and clean.
This is the best investment I could have given to my family. I would highly recommend Allini for their quick service, and amazingly clean water.

Teena Bulger

Amazing water (which now makes amazing coffee). I'll never buy another expensive bottle of alkaline water again, now I have it on tap. Their installers are also fantastic. Super clean install and great service. Highly recommended.

Andrew P

The best investment I ever made for my house and health! The water is delicious!! My favorite bottled water is Evian, now I no longer have to buy this. I drink my delicious COLD water right right from my kitchen sink! Has it should be! Clean, beautiful great tasting water!

Lisa Giuliano