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It’s always important to think about your health each day. Your overall health is affected every day based on the choices you make. Everything you put into your body takes part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What’s in the food you are eating? What’s in the products you are using? What about the chemicals in water you and your family are drinking? Most importantly, with all the different types of water filtration methods, what type of water filter is best? With a little research about the quality of your home’s water, you will understand that a great water filter system is a necessity for yourself and your family. We believe it’s crucial to have access to clean water in order to live your best, healthy life.

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Allini Under Sink Water Filter
Allini Under Sink Water Filter
Allini Tannin Removal Filter
Allini Tannin Removal Filter
 Stainless Steel Whole House
Stainless Steel Whole House
Stainless Steel Whole House Matrix
Stainless Steel Whole House Matrix
Under Sink Matrix
Under Sink Matrix

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We offer only the best purification technology on the market.

Because water chemistry in the water, and more importantly, the problems present in water in each area are different, Allini builds personalized whole home and under the sink water filters custom to your home’s water. By combining over 9 different organic and bio-ceramic medias, we have mastered the technique of creating clean water without the use of any chemicals. Our whole house filters and under the sink filters do not require maintenance or pre-filters. In 90% of our residential systems, we can use our single tank systems which result in a more economical installation with less time and labor, fewer connections, less wastewater when backwashing, and a smaller footprint for your household. Allini Water Filters believes in giving you the best tasting, clean water. We take it one step further by using our Water Balance Technology™ which enables us to purify the water of harmful contaminants while changing the structure of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. By doing this, the water is conditioned, meaning the minerals naturally found in your water are still present, but there will not be any heavy scale build up on your appliances. Our whole home water filters and drinking water systems also naturally raise the water’s alkalinity.

Allini Water Filters give you the best tasting, clean water

What Makes Allini Better than Culligan,
Aquasana, Pelican, and others?

Clean Purified water is vital to healthy living, growing children and quality of life. Allini has had the pleasure of servicing clients from Florida to New York for over 20 years with superior high quality, low maintenance water filters and pure refreshing water for generations. We provide water filtration services for New York City and South Florida, including Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Doral, Miami, and Palm Beach.

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What’s the Difference Between a Water Softener System & Water Conditioner System?

Allini Water Filters is the best whole house water filtration system choice because our patented single tank whole house water filter system removes chemicals in water while conditioning at the same time. A water softener is used most times with well water filtration systems and completely removes all minerals from the water. Our water purification systems conditions your home’s water, meaning it is not completely removing calcium and magnesium from the water with the water filter. Our water purifiers change the ionic structure so that the calcium is crystallized, so it does not adhere to any pipes and fixtures. There also will not be any scale on your home’s water heater. The benefits of conditioning vs. softening your home’s water is having the healthy minerals natural to water still present.

Allini whole house water filtration system

What’s in your water?


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