Annette purchased a water filter from a local company in West Palm Beach, Florida. She decided on that company because of the economic price and figured all water filtration is generally the same. After 1 month with her whole home water filter, the system began to leak. She called the company to come out to resolve the issue; however, they gave her the run around for over 6 months, leaving her with a water filter that was costing her more stress and money, leaking water constantly.

Annette is an older widow, trying to keep up with a large house alone, not knowing what else to do to fix the situation. Also, as a pet sitter, she was concerned that if the company could not follow through with fixing a leak, how does she know the water she and her dog are drinking is safe? Anette’s neighbor took a look at the filter, trying to be the friendly neighbor we all should be. Her neighbor unfortunately could not fix the leak, and suggested she called Allini because he had a seamless install and great results with their system.

When Melanie, an Allini Certified Specialist, came to Anette’s home, she was able to take a water sample and inspect the filter’s issue. Upon testing the water, Melanie noticed that chorine was still coming in to the home. The filter was not performing due to malfunction or lack of proper construction of the media inside the tank that is supposed to purify the water. Anette also had a reverse osmosis under her kitchen sink that she did not like how it made the water taste bitter, and she felt was too bulky under her sink.

Melanie was able to help Anette with all of her qualms by promptly scheduling an Allini installer to come to her home to remove the other company’s leaking filter shortly after that and replace it with an Allini 900 Series. The reverse osmosis was also replaced with an Allini Matrix, resulting in a “less bitter” taste, and freeing up space under her kitchen sink.

Now Anette has peace of mind, knowing that her whole home filter system was working correctly, removing all contaminants from her (and her dog’s) water.



Parker and his family moved to Bridgeland, Texas, a small community just outside of Houston, Texas. Being in a newly built community, he wanted to research the water quality in the neighborhood. He and his wife had just welcomed their newest addition, a sweet baby boy, and he wanted to make sure that the water was safe for his growing family to use daily. After in depth research about the water’s hardness and unusually high TDS (Total dissolved solids), Parker began to have local companies come out to his home to come up with a resolution for his home’s water.

All three water filter companies that visit Parker’s home, suggested a water softener; however, he was uncomfortable with adding salt (or any other chemical) to his water in order to make his water the good quality he needed. He spoke with a friend of his whom lives in Jupiter, Florida. Parker’s friend referred him to call Allini.

When Parker called and spoke with Franklin, one of our Certified Specialists, he was able to explain his issues with the water quality in Texas, and his dissatisfaction with the solutions that the local companies has presented him with. Franklin explained a few reasons why Allini is different:

1. We will collect a water sample from him to see specifically how his home’s filter should be built.

2. Allini Water Filters do not use any chemicals or salt. Most companies will want to sell softeners because it brings in residual income for the seller because of the salt service contracts that follow softener installs.

3. Allini is one of the only filter brands on the market that offers a nano-technology pharmaceutical filter, the Allini Matrix, that will catch any other “hard to get out” contaminants such as micro-plastics, Chromium 6, etc.

Parker soon sent in his water sample, and after testing, team Allini was able to determine that his water hardness was not above normal, but only his TDS. This means that there was no necessity for a softener. As in with all Allini customers, a custom Allini filter was custom made based on the water test results. Parker’s custom filter will result in conditioned water, meaning the hardness is slightly removed, and the TDS significantly dropped by using our top of the line media inside the filter. He no longer needs to worry about chlorine, heavy metals, chromium 6, or any other contaminants in the water his family uses every day.

With that, an Allini 1000 Series and whole home Allini Matrix was on its way to Texas to satisfy another customer!



Megan and her partner love Lauderdale by the Sea; but, they did not love their water. When they moved into their townhouse by the water, they were excited to have a water filter already installed in their home. After living there for a few months, they noticed their water smells like chlorine, was yellow, and tasted "dirty". Something was not right. So, they called the water filter company to come out and check it out. The technician told Megan that the water filter had a leak, causing bacteria in their water. They were told to stop drinking their home's water immediately. None of us want to be told that the water that we drink and bathe in has bacteria that can potentially harm us, so they began looking into a better solution that they could trust. So, Megan set up in-home consults with a few different water filter companies. And that's where Allini came in...During Megan's consultation with Melanie, one of Allini's Certified Specialists, they began testing the water. Not only were the bacteria and virus levels high, but the chlorine and chloramines in the water were as if there were no filter in place to begin with. Fort Lauderdale by the Sea is on Fort Lauderdale's coast, where water is more often than not discolored due to the tannins in the water. This happens because the water table is so thin in Florida, but even more lacking on the coasts. This causes all the inorganic debris to break down in the water, causing the yellow "hard to get out" tint. Megan's water was in that boat. So, Melanie told her about our tannin removal filter that can easily be paired with the Allini whole home filter. So, now Megan's water will be purified, free of any chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, virus, etc with the Allini whole home filter, and crystal clear with the tannin filter alongside it. Melanie always shows people a great tool that we live by at Allini: EWG.org. This website has an amazing tap water quality database that you can search your home's zip code to see what levels of contaminants are in your water. When Melanie showed Megan the levels of things like chromium 6 and other "hard to get out" contaminants, they talked about the Allini Matrix. The Matrix removes chromium 6, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, etc. which gave Megan peace of mind especially after the last experience with their old filter. Shortly after that, one of our installation technicians installed the Allini 1200 Series whole home filter, paired with a tannin filter, followed up with a whole home dual Matrix. Now Megan and her partner are enjoying crystal clear water, in their cups, their baths, (even their toilets!), but, they aren't just enjoying their awesome water, they are enjoying peace of mind even more.