Under Sink Water Filters

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Allini builds personalized whole home and under the sink water filters custom to your home’s water.

By combining over 9 different organic and bio-ceramic medias, we have mastered the technique of creating clean water without the use of any chemicals.

Our whole house filters and under the sink filters do not require maintenance or pre-filters.

In 90% of our residential systems, we can use our single tank systems which result in a more economical installation with less time and labor, fewer connections, less wastewater when backwashing, and a smaller footprint for your household.

Allini Water Filters believes in giving you the best tasting, clean water. We take it one step further by using our Water Balance Technology™ which enables us to purify the water of harmful contaminants while changing the structure of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

By doing this, the water is conditioned, meaning the minerals naturally found in your water are still present, but there will not be any heavy scale build up on your appliances. Our whole home water filters and drinking water systems also naturally raise the water’s alkalinity.