Learn About Florida's $10 Billion Solution to It's Water and Geography Problem

by Jenn Zappier on Nov 29, 2023

Florida Water Problem

Florida, renowned for its stunning landscapes and economic prowess, faces a unique challenge — access to clean water for its rising population requires a total rethinking and reinvestment of the water system of the state. As we navigate through Florida's exceptional growth, it becomes evident that the state's unique blend of economic opportunities, geographical marvels, and ecological treasures positions it as an unparalleled destination. 

The transformation unfolding in Florida is not just in size but in the richness it offers to those who choose to call it home. Encompassing 139,670 sq km, Florida is primarily a peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. In a groundbreaking move, the state has unveiled a colossal $10 billion plan to address its geography problem. This article unravels the details of this audacious endeavor.