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David Crum
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We immediately noticed a difference in the taste of the water and how it feels when taking a shower. And our laundry seems to have a fresher smell than before.

One thing that impressed me the most was that Jamie did not try to "oversell" us like most of the competitors. And the installers, Spencer and Jake, did a great job, finished ahead of schedule and left the area in the garage better looking than it was before.

I highly recommend Allini to anyone looking for a water system.
Lauren Anderson
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The purchase of an Allini whole house water filter was one of the best decisions I made for my family in years! Not only do we have clean drinking water directly from the faucet, therefore eliminating the need to buy plastic water bottles, but now my hair and skin have never looked better!! Something about my water now is very healthy and healing for the hair and body.

The water tastes so clean and pure filled with minerals, so I really feel like I’m doing something good for my health and the health of my family.
Lisa Giuliano
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The best investment I ever made for my house and health! The water is delicious!! My favorite bottled water is Evian, now I no longer have to buy this. I drink my delicious COLD water right right from my kitchen sink! Has it should be! Clean, beautiful great tasting water!
Sattya Sukhu
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I had my system put in over a year ago and loved it. i recently had one of the controllers stop working. Allini came out and replaced it and even added some extra plumbing to make it easier for me to shut off when i go on vacation. They have been great from start to finish as well as continuing to help me with any questions i have. Would use them again for sure.
Andrew P
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Amazing water (which now makes amazing coffee). I'll never buy another expensive bottle of alkaline water again, now I have it on tap. Their installers are also fantastic. Super clean install and great service. Highly recommended.
Vince Pasqualicchio
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My wife and I wanted healthy water in our new home. Jamie and his team did an outstanding job in guiding us to the best system. The service was outstanding. Jamie addressed all of our questions and concerns in a timely and professional manner. The system is maintenance free and performs as advertised. I highly recommend Allini Water Filters.
Arinitwe Jonah
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The company is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest water quality research and standards.
Thomas Mitinda
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Allini Water Filters is committed to promoting sustainability and helping customers reduce their environmental footprint.
Stella Moit
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They take a customer-centric approach to their work, focusing on the needs and preferences of their customers.
Nasifu Nkambwe
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They have a great deal of experience creating customized water filtration solutions that are tailored to each customer's specific needs and preferences.
Faith Amber Tania Amber
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They are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about the health and well-being of their customers.
Nuwagira Javira
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Allini Water Filters is committed to delivering high-quality products that are built to last.