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Remove The Harmful Chemicals In The Water You Drink & Use – Allini Water Filters Improve The Quality Of Your Home’s Water. We Believe It’s Crucial To Have Access To Clean Water In Order To Live Your Best, Healthy Life.


All Allini Water Filter whole house, under the sink, and commercial water filtration systems are custom made to purify the exact water in your home. The chlorine and contaminants levels in each city differs, and sediment is even different from one house to another. So, why would you want the same filter?


Allini whole house water filters do not have any monthly cartridges or maintenance. While most whole house water filter systems on the market have pre-filters, our water purification systems do not. This not only saves you time and money, but also reduces your home’s carbon footprint. All Allini whole home water filters have a lifespan of 1 million gallons (or 7 years).


All Allini whole house water filtration systems, under the sink water filters, and commercial water filtration systems naturally raise your home’s tap water alkalinity. Slightly alkaline water with a raised Ph is super hydrating, meaning smaller water cluster size allows water to penetrate cells more easily, hydrating the body most efficiently.


We take water purification one step further by using our Water Balance Technology™ which enables us to purify the water of harmful contaminants while changing the structure of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. By doing this, the water is conditioned, meaning the minerals naturally found in your water are still present, but there will not be any heavy scale build up on your appliances.


We have mastered the technique of creating great tasting, clean water, free from any chemicals. Most multi-media filter systems use inorganic medias such as resin, which pollutes the environment when the systems back wash. Allini water filter systems use natural media in order to be sustainable and care for the earth.

Allini in Your Words

Real Stories, Real Satisfaction

Stacy Schwartz
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Simply amazing filtration system. The difference in the water quality in my home is remarkable. No more chlorine smell or taste to the water. Just great tasting water! The customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend Allini
Maria Airam
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As far as our water, it tastes amazing and so far after just a couple days my hair feels nicer than it has in a while once I get out of the shower. Thank you Allini
Bruce Rubinowicz
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Great Product, great service. I was a skeptic about the potential benefits of getting a whole home water filter, but I was wrong. It is great, water is softer, tastes better, cleaner. No more hard water spots, clothes cleaner, and water tastes clean. We were able to eliminate home water service. Strongly recommended. We shopped around for a while and I would strongly recommend Allini.
Alan Prefer
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Taste the water...that's all i need to say! My Allini filtration system is amazing, handling all our water coming into the home and my wife truly has noticed the difference when she showers. Jamie is easy to work with and he delivers
Catherine Anderson
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Great water filtration system and great install experience. As a Certified Health Coach in Palm Beach I am always recommending pure, filtered, structured water to all my clients. It’s essential for all the body’s processes. Having a whole house system has been on my wish list for several years, a dream come true. I researched all the types of filtration including RO and this surpasses them all with less waste. I am now recommending Allini Water to all my neighbors in Boynton Beach
Scott English
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This filter is the best on the market!! I did a lot research of water filters and this one was highly recommended through a friend that had one installed. So I decided to call Jamie and his team to move forward and I couldn't be happier! You defiantly will taste and feel the difference once you have it installed.