Broward County, Florida Whole House Water Filtration System

If you need a whole house water filtration system in Broward County, Florida, Allini Water Filters provides customized single-tank water filtration systems that clean your water right when it enters your home. This means that you don’t have to worry about filtering each faucet or sink in your house, and no more using clumsy pitcher water filtration systems with costly replaceable filters. A whole house water filtration system customized by Allini Water Filters catches the contaminants before they enter your home, so that your family can drink and bathe in clean water, free of chemicals, pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants.

What Makes Allini Water Filters Whole Home Water Filtration System in Broward County, Florida Different?

 Allini Water Filters provides whole house water filtration in Broward County, Florida that you can see and taste. Our whole home water filtration systems are customized to meet your unique water filtration needs. Water quality can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and home to home depending on the groundwater or well source, the pipes used to deliver water to your home, and the kind of commercial or farming activities that take place near your home. Most whole home water filter companies use a one-size-fits-all approach. Allini Water Filters will first assess your whole home water filtration needs in Broward County, Florida, and then design a custom water filtration system to address the unique contaminants, toxins, and pathogens that put your water at risk.

A customized house water filter in Broward County, Florida doesn’t have to be more expensive. One-size-fits-all water filtration systems may require multiple tanks, costly maintenance (like the purchase of disposable filters), costly upkeep, and expensive installation. When you use a customized whole house water filtration system, Allini Water Filters can often install a single-tank water filter in your home. Because we can customize the water filter to meet your specific needs, we only use the materials required, which can reduce labor and installation costs as well. With a customized whole house water filtration system, we only use the energy and materials you absolutely need. This reduces waste. Best of all, we treat your water naturally. Allini Water Filters use a patented system involving nine types of organic and bio-ceramic materials. Clean your water without the use of added chemicals or carbons. Finally, Allini Water Filters use patented Water Balance Technology that softens your water naturally, by changing the structure of minerals that lead to hard water.

If you’re looking for a whole home water filtration system in Broward County, Florida, contact Allini Water Filters today. We’ll test your water quality, find a house water filter that works for your home, and install the filter so you and your family can begin to enjoy clean water whose purity you can see and taste. Best of all, when you install a whole home water filtration system in your Broward County, Florida home, our water filters increase the alkalinity of your water as well. Our filters do it all. Clean water, pure water, softer water, more alkaline water—all without the use of carbon or chemicals. Contact the Broward County, Florida whole water filtration system specialists at Allini Water Filters today.

Common Water Contaminants in Broward County, Florida: How a House Water Filter Can Help

 Different homes in Florida get their water from different sources. The Florida Department of Health reports that 80% of Florida residents get their water from ground water wells which are regularly tested for contaminants. Ground water wells can be contaminated in various ways. They can become contaminated with bacteria, pesticides, gasoline, and toxic wastes. Whether your water is contaminated will depend on whether you happen to live near leaky fuel tanks, near an industrial site, or near a farm that sprays pesticides or grazes animals. In some cases, you don’t even necessarily need to live near these contaminants, but just have to happen to live in a community that sources water that has been contaminated by these pollutants. 20% of Florida residents get their water from private wells. These wells are not regularly tested and can be contaminated with a wider range of pollutants. Some contaminants the Florida Department of Health noted included radioactive materials, pathogens, and toxic substances.

The Florida Department of Health notes several contaminants that can be present in Florida water. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Contaminants in Florida water can include bacteria, nitrates, lead, ethylene dibromide (or EDB), tetrachlorethylene (or PCE), temik. Other contaminants can include chlorine and fluoride. What are the risks of these contaminants? Here are a few:

  • Adults exposed to nitrates can be at increased risk of developing cancer, but babies are particularly vulnerable to nitrate exposure. When infants are exposed to nitrates, they can develop a condition known as “blue baby syndrome” where their oxygen levels drop dangerously low.
  • Florida Department of Health has permitted levels of bacteria allowed in the water. But some bacteria can cause health risks or diarrhea.
  • Contamination from lead often comes from lead pipes. Lead contamination poses an increased risk to children and infants, whose nervous systems, brains, and kidneys can be damaged by lead exposure.
  • EDB (ethylene dibromide). EDB is used to spray citrus crops, but when it gets into the groundwater, it can cause serious health risks. EDB is listed as a possible carcinogen, can have an impact on fertility for both men and women, and can cause kidney damage. If it is inhaled, it can also cause lung damage.
  • This chemical has been shown in laboratory tests to be a risk factor in liver cancer, kidney cancer, and leukemia. This chemical can also pose risks to pregnant women.
  • This highly toxic chemical is used in the citrus industry, on farms, and is highly toxic to humans and animals.
  • High levels of chlorine can lead to chlorine poisoning. The risks of chlorine in treated water is what can happen when chlorine combines with naturally-occurring organic materials in water to form DBPs. These chemicals can cause serious problems if people are exposed to these products regularly.
  • Most of the drinking water supplied to households in the U.S. contains fluoride. There has been some research to indicate that fluoride may contribute to the development of a very rare type of cancer, osteosarcoma. Yet, because this cancer is so rare, with only 400 cases in teens and children each year according to the American Cancer Society, it isn’t clear whether fluoride in water is linked to cancer. There are benefits of fluoride in water. Fluoride can help prevent tooth decay. For this reason, cities continue to fluorinate water. Yet, if you live in an area where fluoride levels are high, you may want to filter your water.

Allini Water Filters is a Broward County, Florida whole house water filtration system that can help filter out contaminants and chemicals from your water. Our customized whole home water filtration systems are tailor-made to address the water quality issues in your home and neighborhood. This way you get the home water filtration solution you need in Broward County, Florida.

Contact Allini Water Filters today. We can assess your home and individualized needs and set you up with a custom water filtration system that works for you.