Allini Water Filters Testimonials

What some of our happy customers say…


“My friends were commenting on how soft my skin looked and felt – and it was! My daughter – who is a classic redhead and one step from living in a bubble due to her allergies – has not had an asthma event since we installed Allini’s whole house filter.” Lauren C., NY

“I love my Allini water filter. We got it for our entire home before our child was born and it was the best decision ever. We have not had to worry about clean water for over a year so far. By far, the best decision we ever made. Jamie was on time, job was done quickly and the response rate to all my questions was quick. Thanks again for everything!” Mellissa M., FL


“It just makes good, logical sense – if you bake with water that does not have chlorine, dirt and sediment in it – your end product – bread, cakes and pastries – will taste better.” Jordan K., Good Bread Bakery., NY


“I own an all-natural and organic mattress store in Boca Raton. I have a background in nursing and research. I researched every aspect of water filters before going with Allini. I love the fact that they do not use chemicals in their filters. Our system works perfectly, and we are so happy that went with this company.” Tina B., Boca Raton, FL


“Living in South Florida, I am concerned with the rising amounts of chromium and fluoride in the water. I shopped around for the best way to filter my water, and chose Allini. I like how they don’t use any chemicals and don’t’ waste as much water so it makes me feel better about my carbon footprint.” -Alexis K., FL


We are so happy to give our customers the peace of mind knowing that their home is equipped with a top of the line, sustainable water purification system giving them clean water. That’s what we want for our family, and yours. The best Experience this incredible change and get Allini now!