Palm Beach County, Florida Under the Sink Water Filtration System

Allini Water Filters is a Palm Beach County, Florida under the sink water filtration system company that can install a water filter in your condo, apartment, or home that meets your unique water filtration needs. If you want your family to have clean, chemical-free water, Allini Water Filters has a solution for you. We specialize in crafting custom water filters tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

We like to think that the water that enters our homes won’t have contaminants, but the reality is that there are trace levels of chemicals and contaminants in most public water sources. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the safe levels of these contaminants. When it comes to the drinking water your family uses, it’s understandable that you want water that is completely free of impurities and contamination. This is where Allini Water Filters comes in. Our under the sink water filtration system in Palm Beach County, Florida offers a water filtration solution for smaller spaces or for homes where a whole home water filtration system isn’t appropriate.

Our Under the Sink Economy Filter 600 is perfect for small spaces. Best of all, our patented filters use organic materials that filter your water naturally, so there’s no need to replace filters or cartridges. If you’re looking to protect your family from chemicals, sediments, and contamination, contact Allini Water Filters, a Palm Beach County, Florida under the sink water filtration system company today. We can evaluate your water filtration needs and help you find the right solution for you and your family.

What’s the Difference Between Allini Water Filters and Other Filtration Solutions in Palm Beach County, Florida?

The three main water filtration solutions available in Palm Beach County, Florida include pitcher water filters, whole home water filtration systems, and under the sink water filters. Each of these solutions has its benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a moment to explore these options to help you evaluate which might be best for you.

A pitcher water filter will require regular replacement filters. Another limitation of a pitcher water filter is that you’ll need to regularly re-fill the pitcher and if you forget, then there’s no filtered water. Another drawback to a pitcher filter is that these filtration systems may not remove all contaminants and impurities from your water. While pitcher water filters may be cheaper than a whole house water filter or an under the sink water filter in Palm Beach County, Florida, these filtration systems have serious limitations.

If you’re looking for a filtration system that does it all, a whole house water filter might be the answer. The benefit of this kind of system is that it filters the water right when it enters your home, so that ever faucet in your house will flow with filtered water. Allini Water Filters are custom-built to meet the specific needs of your home and in most cases, we can install a single-tank water system that’s right for you. Yet, a whole house water filtration system may not work for a person who rents, for condo living, or for certain plumbing situations.

An under the sink water filter is another great option. With an under the sink water filtration system in Palm Beach County, Florida, you’ll enjoy unlimited water. Yet, most under the sink water filtration systems require regular replacement of the water filter. Allini Water Filters are different. Our under the sink water filtration system uses organic materials to filter your water. This means our water filters don’t require replacement filters and are more environmentally friendly. Our patented technology naturally makes your water more alkaline and changes the composition of the water itself, making it taste great and healthier for your family.

If you are looking for home water filtration solutions in Palm Beach County, Florida, Allini Water Filters may be able to help you. Our patented under the sink water filter reduces waste and produces incredible quality water. Contact us today to learn more!

Are there Chemicals in my Palm Beach County, Florida Water?

We like to think that the water we drink is completely free of contaminants, but the reality is that there are trace chemicals in most of the water that flows through our taps. The EPA requires regular testing of municipal water and regulates the levels of 90 different chemicals. This is the good news. Chemicals are often present in only trace or low levels. Yet, what is okay for regulators may not be okay for your family. Sometimes regulators are trying to appeal to various pressures from industry, taxpayers who don’t want to pay more to purify water, and lobbyists. The reality is that sometimes the limits set by the EPA don’t always match scientific consensus on what is safe for human health. The best way to protect your family is to filter your water.

While the EPA regulates 90 different chemicals, there may be other chemicals in your water that aren’t subject to regulation. U.S. scientists found 18 different chemicals in different water systems across the country. While the EPA monitors levels of these chemicals, it doesn’t put limits on how much can be in your water and doesn’t necessarily take steps to clean your water. What were some of the chemicals found? Chemicals found in water included herbicides, antidepressants, solvents, perfluorinated compounds, caffeine, a metal, and an antibacterial compound. While some of these chemicals have been studied for their potential impact on human health, not all of them have. For example, perfluorinated compounds are the same chemicals found in non-stick cookware. These chemicals have been linked to cancer and other diseases. Most of us don’t cook with these pots and pans because we’re concerned about chemical exposure, so why would we drink unpurified water which might have these chemicals?

Chemical regulation can be complicated. It can cost a lot of money to remove some of these chemicals from the water. Sometimes the very process of removing chemicals can lead to chemical reactions that can result in even more dangerous chemicals ending up in the water. It’s an endless cycle. The best way to protect your family is to have an under the sink water filtration system in Palm Beach County, Florida. Allini Water Filters utilizes proprietary technology that can purify your water, making it safer for your family. A wide range of chemicals can end up in your water, either from pesticide runoff from farms, waste from grazing animals, and waste from industry. Protect your family today. Contact Allini Water Filters to learn more about how our under the sink water filters can give you and your family the clean water you need and deserve.