Commerical Water Filtration Systems by Allini

Who said water filtration is only for homes? Now your business can have all the amenities that you get at home, including WaterBalance technology™, with Allini commercial water filtration system. Whether it a single tank or multiple tank water filtration for your building, campus or restaurant, the water will be purified, leaving no chemicals in the water. When you install our top-of-the line Allini commercial water filtration system, you will save on utility and infrastructure maintenance costs. Let Allini show you the type of water you’ve been dreaming of for your business!



105 MTS Series softeners provide up to 192 gpm continuous soft water per tank (Quadplex system with one tank allowed off line for regeneration at all times) 24 hours a day. They are engineered and thoroughly tested to provide years of reliable, trouble free performance with minimal maintenance.

Commerical Water Filtration Systems by Allini


  • Operating pressure: 20 – 100 psi
  • Operating temperature: 39 – 100° F
  • Electrical: Input 120V 60 Hz – Output 24VAC

For Applications Such As:
Apartments, Boiler Treatment Cooling Towers, Motels, Schools, Nursing Homes, Car Wash, Dairies, Factories, Laundromats, Office Buildings, Resorts, Restaurants, RO Pre-treatment, Office Buildings, Hospitals


  • Battery Back Up System: In the event of a power loss, the system can continue to meter and monitor water usage for up to 9 hours
  • Electronic side mounted controller
  • MTS Controller: Fully programmable remote mounted control box
  • Inlet outlet connections available in 1.5” or 2.0”
  • Parallel Flow: All tanks on-line and are interlocked so only one can regenerate at a time
  • Alternating Flow: At least one tank is always off-line for regeneration or ready in standby
  • Responsive/Demand Flow: Tanks come on or off-line according to the flow rate demand so that the system is always operating at optimum efficiency
  • Advanced Diagnostic Information: Easily trouble shoot and access system information displayed in real time
  • System Interlock: A signal from other equipment can be accepted to lock out and prevent the system from regenerating

FHF Series Specifications

mobile services by Allini

We also offer mobile filtration trailers. We bring a trailer to your location for construction builds, disaster relief, or any other event where water is to be provided. Including reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, state-of-the-art Allini filters, and softeners.