Broward County, Florida Under the Sink Water Filtration System

Allini Water Filters is a Broward County, Florida under the sink water filter company that offers an under the sink water filtration system that matches your home’s unique water purification needs. While the EPA regulates what kinds of chemicals can be present in your water and the levels of the chemicals permitted, the chemical levels can vary, and there are also chemicals that are unregulated that can also potentially pose harm to human health. The kinds of chemicals found in your water will depend on where you live, whether you live close to a farm that sprays pesticides (or draw water from a source contaminated by such a farm), whether you live close to a farm with livestock (and the bacteria and pathogens that can be present), and whether you live close to industrial sites or other sources of contamination.

An under the sink water filtration system in Broward County, Florida can remove harmful contaminants, protect your family from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, and provide your family with the clean, healthy, and safe water you need. If you are still using a water pitcher to purify your water or have an under the sink water filtration system in Broward County, Florida that requires you to change filters every six months, it may be time for an upgrade. Our Under the Sink Economy Filter 600 is an under the sink water filter that is ideal for people who live in apartments, condos, or those who are looking for a more economical solution to their water filtration needs.

A Comparison of Under the Sink Water Filters and Pitcher Filters

Pitcher filters, while convenient, are limited in capacity and need to be regularly refilled. An under the sink water filter offers purified and filtered water on demand, right when you need it. Pitcher filters need to be regularly replaced to work properly, while an under the sink water filter from Allini Water Filters in Broward County, Florida uses organic materials to naturally filter your water. You’ll never need to replace a filter cartridge again.

Pitcher filters may not always remove all the chemicals in your water, while an Allini Water Filters under the sink water filtration system in Broward County, Florida removes chemicals from your water, so your water is clean and safe for your family. Our patented system removes chemicals, sediments, and impurities from your water, leaving it tasting great and even more alkaline so that it better hydrates your family.

When you consider the cost of replacing filters, consider the fact that under the sink water filters offer unlimited purified water on demand, and reduce your carbon footprint thanks to not requiring regular replacement of your water filters, the choice becomes clear. Reach out to Allini Water Filters, a Broward County, Florida under the sink water filter company today.

Are there Chemicals in My Water in Broward County, Florida?

We like to think of the water that comes out of our tap as chemical free, but the reality is that there are trace levels of chemicals present in most of the water we drink. The Environmental Protection Agency dictates what levels of certain chemicals are safe and what levels are not safe. Currently, there are limits on 90 different chemicals. Unfortunately, these 90 contaminants are not the only chemicals that might be present in your water. And when it comes to deciding whether to add more contaminants to the regulated list, politics, business, and lobbyists might play a role in deciding what gets put on the list, rather than science and what is in the best interest of you and your family’s health.

The CDC notes that contaminants can get into our water in various ways. Farming industry can contaminate water with pesticides and animal waste runoff. Metals and other contaminants found in the ground can also contaminate water. Leaky gas tanks and runoff from industry can also contaminate water.

Recently, U.S. scientists found 18 contaminants in U.S. drinking water that aren’t regulated by the EPA. These contaminants included herbicides, antidepressants, solvents, perfluorinated compounds, caffeine, a metal, and an antibacterial compound. Fortunately, the levels of these contaminants and chemicals were very low. Yet, more research needs to be done to determine whether long-term exposure to some of these chemicals can cause cancer risk. Perfluorinated compounds, the chemicals found in non-stick cooking pans, for example, may increase cancer risk. These chemicals were found in drinking water in some municipalities. Some of the health risks that these chemicals pose include high cholesterol, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, testicular cancer, and hypertension in pregnancy.

These chemicals are often not regulated because it can cost cities and municipalities quite a bit of money to get these contaminants out of the water. When it comes to making sure your family has safe water, an under the sink water filtration system in Broward County, Florida can ensure your family safe and healthy water for years to come. Allini Water Filters is an under the sink water filter company in Broward County, Florida that can offer you a water filtration solution tailored to your home’s specific needs. Some families might benefit from a whole house water filtration system, custom-made to filter water before it enters your home’s pipes, while others who live in a condo, apartment, or rental, may want to install an under the sink water filtration system. Whatever your needs, Allini Water Filters is here to help you find a filtration solution that’s right for you.

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