Boynton Beach, Florida Whole House Water Filtration System

If you are looking to install a whole house water filtration system, Allini Water Filters builds custom water filters that clean your water right when it enters your home. Unlike other whole house water filtration systems that may require multiple tanks, most homes only require one tank to provide adequate water filtration. Allini Water Filters are also environmentally friendly, requiring no replacement filters. Because Allini Water Filters are customized to your home and water-quality needs, we only use the materials required to get the job done. Water is life and it is essential to your family’s health and wellbeing. With a Boynton Beach, Florida whole house water filtration system installed by Allini Water Filters, you’ll enjoy great-tasting water, whose quality you can see.

What Makes an Allini Water Filters Whole Home Water Filtration System in Boynton Beach, Florida Different?

 Allini Water Filters offers whole home water filtration systems in Boynton Beach, Florida that are truly different—so different, in fact, each water filtration system is custom-built to meet the unique needs and demands of each home. We take the time to understand the chemical composition of your home’s water. It is hard? Are there higher quantities of some chemicals or sediments than others? Once we’ve evaluated your home’s water quality, we can design and construct a filter specific to your needs.

Another unique quality of Allini Water Filters is the fact that our filters do not require disposable filters. This saves you money in having to replace filters and it also reduces your carbon footprint because many water filters use carbon. Our unique water filtration system uses more than nine organic and bio-ceramic materials to filter your water.

Thanks to our unique water filtration system, Allini Water Filters naturally and organically raise the alkalinity of your water. This means you’ll enjoy not only great-tasting water, but water that is also more hydrating. Our Water Balance Technology also changes the structure of minerals that pass through the filter, which naturally conditions your water, reducing the wear and tear on your appliances.

These unique characteristics of Allini Water Filters make our Boynton Beach, Florida whole home water filtration system different. If you’re looking for water that tastes great, is healthy for your family, and looks good, contact Allini Water Filters today. We can test your water and help find a whole home water filtration solution that works for you.

Common Water Problems in Boynton Beach, Florida and How a House Water Filter Can Help 

Water that comes from public wells must be tested for contaminants and impurities, but this doesn’t mean that the water that enters your home is absolutely free of contaminants. The levels of contaminants permitted in public water is governed by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Virtually all the water that enters your home will be deemed safe under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Despite these laws, the Florida Department of Health notes that Florida water can still become contaminated in various ways. Public water wells can become contaminated by gas leaks, due to chemical runoff from farms, due to organic wastes that run off from grazing fields, and other toxic wastes. 20% of Florida residents get their water from private wells. This water is not regularly tested and can become contaminated from a wide range of sources, including industry, farms, gas tanks, and more. There are several possible contaminants that can be present in Florida water. These contaminants can include bacteria, nitrates, lead, EDB, PCE, chlorine, fluoride, and more.

Some contaminants like nitrates and lead can pose a greater risk to children than they can pose to adults. If you have children in your house, having a house water filter can protect your children from exposure to harmful pollutants like lead and nitrates. Allini Water Filters is a house water filter company in Boynton Beach, Florida that can install a single-tank custom-built water filter in your home that may be able to protect your children from exposure to lead and nitrates.

Florida is a citrus-growing state, but this industry can also leave chemicals in the ground that can seep into Florida residents’ water, causing them harm. Chemicals like EDB and temik are used in citrus growing and on farms and can seep into Florida residents’ water. These chemicals can be highly toxic to humans and increase the risk of cancer or other serious health risks. A house water filter installed by Allini Water Filters in Boynton Beach, Florida can filter your water and protect you from health risks.

Other chemicals are regularly used to purify or fortify water, but in higher quantities can cause harm or health risks. Chlorine, for instance, is used to purify water, but in high quantities it can lead to chlorine poisoning. Municipalities enrich water with fluoride, to help fight tooth decay, but there is some concern that too much fluoride might increase the risk of certain rare cancers. There isn’t enough research given that the cancers of concern are so rare, but for some families, a home water filtration system installed by Allini Water Filters in Boynton Beach, Florida can offer peace of mind.

Install a House Water Filter in Boynton Beach, Florida

Allini Water Filters is a house water filter company in Boynton Beach, Florida. If you want your family to enjoy clean water whose taste and quality is evident from the moment you turn on the tap, contact Allini Water Filters today. Our water filters are custom-made to address the unique water filtration issues in your home and use organic and bio-organic materials to filter your water as it enters your home. This means you don’t need a separate water filter for each faucet. It also means you save on materials and installation. Contact Allini Water Filters, a house water filter company in Boynton Beach, Florida today. The next step to great-tasting healthy water for your family is just a phone call away.