Frequently Asked Questions About Allini Water Filters

How do I know what size filter I need? 
An Allini Specialist will ask you a few questions about your home and lifestyle and help you choose the right filter size for you and your family.

Why should I filter my whole home?
It is important to filter the water you bathe in as the harmful chemicals found in water are absorbed into your skin, and inhaled during showers. Also, your utilities and appliances will experience less wear and tear by eliminating dirt and sediment entering your home.

Where does the filter go? 
The filter connects to your home's water main. This will place the filter in the basement, inside your garage by the water heater, or discreetly on the side of your home.

Is there any filter change?
No, Allini filters do not require filter changes.

How long does the filter last? 
Our filters last approximately 6-8 years, depending on water usage. After that, we come to replace the media in your filter for a fraction of the original price.

Do you raise the alkalinity in the water? 
Yes, we raise the water's pH to create a slightly alkaline environment. This allows the water to hydrate your body most efficiently.

Is every tap in my home filtered? 
Yes, your showers, sinks, appliances and even toilets are filtered by Allini.

Do you offer well water filtration systems? 
Yes, please contact an Allini Specialist today to learn more!

Can I install Allini on my yacht? 
Yes, we are able to accommodate most yachts.

I have more questions. Who can I call?
Our Allini Specialists will answer everything you need to know! 1-888-451-7333
Our Allini Specialists will answer everything you need to know! Call us. 1-888-451-7333
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