See What Our Customers Say About Our Water Filtration System

Water Filtration Systems Miami, FL
From New York to Florida, customers trust Allini Water Filters. Learn about their experiences with our water filters and how their lives have improved, thanks to better drinking water.

Once you hear their stories about our residential water filtration, you’ll be excited to change your life in a positive way, too. 
Meredith M., FL: On my wish list for a while has been a whole house water filtration system that did not use reverse osmosis. The water from the Allini system is  a dream come true. I love that there is no maintenance required, and the water looks and tastes delicious. The installers were attentive and took a lot of time to make sure things are done properly. AIllini, it's like someone put a genie in my water!

John S., FL:
My water tastes great. Fresh, clean, and right out of the tap. It's like having the best bottled water right at my kitchen sink....and it didn't effect my water pressure one bit. I am so glad that I switched to Allini !

John G., CT: My family and I are very happy with our Allini water filter. It makes the water we cook with, shower in, and drink... clean and healthy. The certified installer was very helpful in explaining the system and respecting our home during the process.

Myrna M., FL: I have to tell you. I have never enjoyed drinking as much water as I am drinking now! What an amazing difference!! Love love love it!! My kids love it. It’s been a true revelation!

Maggie L., NY: I took my first shower after the filter was installed and realized how soft my hair felt. I guess chlorine really does have an effect. Now I even drink more water because I never run out of bottled water. I didn’t realize I was spending over $400.00 a year on bottled water.

Lauren C., CT: My friends were commenting on how soft my skin looked and felt – and it was! My daughter – who is a classic redhead and one step from living in a bubble due to her allergies – has not had an asthma event since we installed Allini’s whole house filter. I do not know if that is because there is no chlorine in our water, but that is the most recent change we have made in her environment.

Fred G. and neighbor, Richard C., NY: We both had to take our wash to a laundromat because of the dirt in our town water – and our sinks and toilets were a mess. It was an immediate change after our Allini filters were installed – pure, clean water.

Heath G., NY: Before Allini’s 1200 Series Filter was installed, my wife’s hair was reddish in color because of the dirt in the water. Now it is soft and back to its natural brown.

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